Client Love Notes

Rachel Davis shares a wealth of relationship knowledge from her heart. Rachel stands by her words in her day to day life and style. I am pleased to have made her acquaintance. I can stand strong through some trails I am going thru now with my head held high with confidence as the beautiful women I know I am. So many individuals need to know they too can find true love and happiness and Rachel Davis can help everyone get there with her thought-provoking road maps, expertise, and knowledge. What a blessing to have sat under her teaching and powerful words to live by. With Sincere thanks for your gifts, talents, and abilities... Rachel Davis you Rock!

Nadaline Davis

Demystifying Men should be a part of every school girls curriculum right alongside financial education. So much of a woman's life outcomes are intrinsically tied to our money management and the mate we choose. Historically, we've been thrust into life unarmed with the appropriate education in both areas. Thankfully, Rachel Davis is here to bridge one of those gaps.

Patricia A. Blair

What can I say about Rachel Davis other than she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the breakdown of the Male psyche and understanding how they think, move and feel. The coaching sessions I have had with Rachel really opened up my eyes to not only what I was doing wrong in relationships but the fact that I was choosing a partner who was not in the stage of life I needed him to be in. My dating life has truly changed as I now see the stages of life that my prospects are in and I am easily able to either walk away or invest the time according to what Rachel has taught me. If you doubt, try her out for yourself and you will walk away with a renewed way of thinking and outlook when it comes to the opposite sex.

Tynisha Campbell

I want to share my testimony with the world!!!!! I am a woman with a BIG personality but when it came to having a relationship with a man, I struggled. I finally decided to stop doing things my way and seek professional help. I began watching and listening to Rachel sharing her gems about “Demystifying Men”. It was mind blowing so I decided to give it a try.  Rachel coached me and now I am in a healthy relationship with an amazing man who already said to me, “You will be my wife”. I must admit I wasn't feeling confident in the beginning, but now I'm so glad I listened. I can still hear Rachel’s voice telling me to “Date His Soul”.

Thank you, Rachel, if it were not for you, I would have missed this trip to Paris for my birthday with this wonderful man.

Gleshia Joyner Givens

Thank you for releasing what is the unveiling to a healing room for relationships, marriages, men and of course us feminine women.

There were SO MANY nuggets and keys you shared in the Demystifying Men experience, it was hard to choose. I am most grateful that you explained what femininity is and even demonstrated how to walk feminine versus hard, how to arouse with intellect and purpose versus just gestures and touch and how to transform into a Queen while he's transforming into a King. So so much more. You just have to be there!

I am forever grateful for your opportunity to invest in myself and my future intimate relationship. 

Blessing to you.  Again thank you. It is an honor.

Halima Lynn

Rachel Davis is a force to be reckoned with and an amazing coach. I am blown away by her ability to listen, understand with compassion and guide women to a heightened understanding of the true meaning of confidence. Her advice comes from a place of wisdom, tremendous compassion and love. She has a unique ability to help women open up, connect to their heart and clear away what is blocking them from being who they truly are; beautiful feminine beings who deserves to be loved adored and cherished. After working with Rachel Davis, I’ve seen a tremendous boost in my confidence and my ability to attract incredible people and opportunities in my life.

Kelly Campbell

As someone who grew very quickly to the top of my company, I wasn’t prepared to be thrust on stage to share my success secrets with thousands of people. Rachel Davis and her amazing motivational skills singlehandedly helped me shift my mindset and learn to walk in confidence. It was through her genuine encouragement and consistent belief in me that I was able to dig deep and find the courage to stand in my truth with faith and confidence, while maintaining both professionalism and authenticity. Rachel’s Confidence Chronicles change the game and are a must for any woman looking to crush both personal and professional goals.

Delialah Lotich

I honestly don’t even know where to start.  What I know to be true is that Rachel is a women of truth.  The concept of confidence is too often overlooked and it is a critical tool in our life’s tool box.  As we grow older we certainly spend more time in self doubt than self-love.  I am in love with the affirmations and steps that Rachel is teaching.  I have the blessing of being in her presence and knowing that she has a deep passion for helping women.  She speaks the truth and I know for a fact if you take a deep breath, release to her teachings and allow yourself grace to grow….. your life will change. In more ways that you can even dream possible.  Trust it.  With Rachel as your guide to help you step into your power, you can not fail.

Carol Elizabeth