Cultivating Confidence

As women, we go through a lot!

We go through hell and back and often times, from our vantage point, that journey is never without reproach.  Heartbreak, divorce, abortion, disease, public humiliation, drugs, alcohol, betrayal, loss of a loved one, sick children, aging parents, lackluster relationships, weight gain, body image issues and the list goes on and on.

Womanhood comes with it experiences that attacks our self-esteem and obliterate or self-confidence.

We are often condemned for being vulnerable in speaking our truth.

With all the challenges we experience as women, sometimes we need a reset.  We need to learn how to love ourselves again, feel comfortable in our skin again and be unapologetic in our truth.

The Confidence Chronicles is a 30-Day Guide every woman, from all walks of like, can use to get back to the essence of who she is, with confidence, grace, and ease.


Sometimes, we just need to run something by someone who understands where we are coming from and can give a different perspective.

Maybe you just met the man of your dreams and want some advice as to how to handle it.

Or maybe you are stuck in a little dilemma and need a little extra time to talk it through with an expert.

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