The Ultimate Femininity Experience

Let’s face it,

we live in a patriarchal society where men have the power and we as women are not being guided and protected in the direction of highest human qualities.

Our value to society has been relegated to the firmness of our breasts, our minimal waists, the breadth of our hips and the pleasures that resides within.  We are damaged by today's societal standards thus not allowing our young girls to properly blossom.

We have been cut off from the true expression of who we are;

divine, glorious, magnanimous feminine beings who was designed to be brilliant, talented, gorgeous, rich and smart.

We must take our rightful place in the world whereby we, as women are free to express our true power, accept our royal inheritance and teach men, will be our true partners and not our oppressors.

The Ultimate Femininity Experience Retreat

will allow you to begin to reconnect with the glory that resides within you.  We do so by mastering the following:

Effective  Meditation

The Power of Positive Prayer

Treat your body well

The Act of Forgiveness

Affirmative Affirmations

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